What are Lost Hamsters?

A 5555 Genesis NFT collection on the ETH blockchain of cute, furry, and psychotic little creatures that were entirely hand-drawn by legendary artist Tom Velez and will be the first series that jumpstarts our entire Universe.

Lost Hamsters Story

How Cool is my Hamster?

Lost Hamsters will have a wide variety of traits, classes, breeds, and different artistic appeal.

Why Get a Hamster?

  • Art
  • Community
  • Airdrops
  • and more...

On top of that, when you rescue a hamster, you are joining a collective of human beings who have found what they love to do, which is create something out of love and passion.

Holding a Lost Hamster provides instant access to a close knit community of creators, artists, and developers who believe in the unlimited possibilities of web3.

Lost Hamsters Story

Who are we?


Nik (aka Max)

Founder / UX
Tom Velez

Tom Velez





Starting October 27th, you will be able to mint a Lost Hamster directly from our website. Price is fixed at 0.05 Ξ + gas.

After the original sale all Lost Hamsters will be available on the secondary market with royalties of 5% on sales.

5555 Lost Hamsters will be created and minted.

Lost Hamsters holders are given commercial rights to the specific NFTs that they own, but Lost Hamsters retain a non-exclusive, perpetual, fully paid-up worldwide license to each such NFT. Owners can use its likeness and derivatives thereof, but cannot use the Lost Hamsters logo, names, site images, or other marketing material without the express written consent of Lost Hamsters. Lost Hamsters reserves the right to use any Lost Hamsters NFT including, but not limited to marketing promotion or additional endeavors.